Unilabel has always been sensitive to respect for the environment in the intrinsic strategy of the company and its various departments. In October 2019, we officially created a department dedicated to sustainable development to ensure responsible consumption and production.

Rigorously choosing materials, managing waste and recycling, implementing state-of-the-art equipment in each of our printshops: these are the actions that allow us to supply as locally as possible, while respecting the requirements of the quality criteria of our customers, without additional damage to the environment.

Our factories and suppliers of textile products are OEKO-TEX certified. We are also able to offer FSC paper on 5 of our sites and are we are working to get it for 3 additional sites in 2020. We also make sure that our factories and suppliers comply with REACH regulations.

Our Unilabel code of conduct guarantees its employees and partners an optimal working environment: respect, integrity, transparency, safety in the workplace are our daily values.

We develop and offer 100% ecological solutions, with recycled, recyclable or compostable materials for all our traditional products. Ask us for our eco-friendly catalog!